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In the R&D departments of the SIFCOR Group, it is the engineers’ and technicians'job to imagine, design and validate the perspectives of forging. This includes approval on the test benches, whose activity is continually increasing due to their research and the growing customer requirements.
These requirements concern the validation of the strength properties (e.g. by applying strain gauges) of new parts, the fatigue resistance by cyclic loading of stress using one or more jacks in order to quantify the gain achieved by forging thanks to the “grain flow” or by using engines applying a variable torque on the gearwheels.
Our installations are able to validate safety critical parts such as suspension triangles, wheel knuckles and clutch components such as forks, gearbox components such as gearwheels, etc.
The R&D Department is constantly in contact with the engineering and design department in order to validate the results of simulations for instance.