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The SIFCOR Group uses the software Forge 2005 specialized in the shaping of materials. This software gives us information on the fill level, the temperature, the pressure within the parts, the wear resistance, the tooling lifetime, as well as the stress level required for the presses.

We model all new components on the software in order to approve the routing before going on to production, and to improve our reactivity in matters of development.
The parts that are already serially produced continue to be studied in the perspective of decreasing the material input and increasing the lifetime of the tool.
Moreover, we also use FEM simulation software MSC Patran-Nastran and MSC Fatigue. These programs help us design and dimension the parts in compliance with the specification provided by our customers. By applying a static or dynamic load to the part, they give us data on the extent of the deformation, of strain and its fatigue resistance.
The know-how of the simulation engineers and the forging operators contributes to ensuring the control of these elements for comparison and optimisation, in order to validate the simulation and to apply it to manufacturing.


>> Forge 2005 is a Transvalor  ©  product
>> Forge 2005 is a Transvalor  ©  product